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I get asked many times “how did you lose so much weight”? or “was it difficult to lose all that weight?”

The fact is that when I look back I realize that the weight came off almost automatically. I’m not kidding with you here, I’m dead serious.  And not, it was not difficult to lose the weight either. In fact, it almost felt too easy to achieve weight loss success.

Prior to losing the weight and keeping it off for good, I’ve tried many different diets, and I lost several pounds, just to gained it all back and more.

Most of my young adult life I was skinny.  When I graduated from medical school in 1992 I was 115 pounds.  I started to gain weight when I was in my 30’s, and my biggest documented weight was 192 lbs, in 2010.  So for 18 years, my weight kept going up.  During those years there were times when I felt like I was never going to lose the weight at all.

But something inside me would not let me stop trying.

For many years my life was very stressful, and I was very unhappy.  When I think about my life, I realize that I still carry a significant amount of stress with me, so I can’t say that being stressed out was the reason why the pounds came on.   Let’s face it, we all have some level of stress.  Stress is part of our life.

But what I can tell you for sure, is that even when we can’t prevent unfortunate moments in our life’s, and we can’t prevent stress, the way we deal with the events make a significant impact on how we feel.

Weight loss is not an external struggle, it’s an internal one.

So what it takes to achieve weight loss success?

At the early onset of my weight loss path, I did what most people who want to lose weight fast do. I went to a weight loss clinic and started taking appetite suppressants and received Vitamin B12 shots, in addition to getting on some other supplements.

Although the pills seemed to help a little with suppressing my appetite I soon realized that they were not the cure for weight loss.  I would see most of the effects of the appetite suppressants in the morning, but by the afternoon I was already starving.  And in regards to the Vitamin B12 shots, I never noticed any real effect from using them.

For a few months, I continued with the “treatment” and I saw some weight loss, but it was not the pills that made the difference.  It was me.  Maybe I had finally found the cure for weight loss.

I started to feel stronger as a person, I found myself making better choices when it came to food. And every time that I would make the right food choices, I would gain more strength to make better choices again the next time, and then the next time.  These small but consistent steps were an important and critical part of my weight loss success.

The changes started to occur from the inside.  I was changing because I started to love myself and to love my body more.

When we start loving and respecting our body, and when you realize how valuable your body is. 

When you understand that your body is the only vehicle you have to move around and function, you are going to make the right decisions for it and by it. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were times in which I would still overeat, or would enjoy the piece of cake or the cookies, but when that happened I would go back to eat healthy as soon as I could.

If I slacked for lunch, for example, I would accept that it happened, and I would then make better choices for dinner.  I would not wait until the next day, to start eating healthy again.

What does it take to find the cure for weight loss?  It takes consistency, and it takes self-love and self-respect.

There are many tools out there that you can use to help you get to love yourself more, some of them are meditation, EFT, NLP, hypnosis, and self-help books.

I used them all, some of them worked better than others, but the bottom line is that you want to use as many resources as you have available on your weight loss success.

It won’t happen overnight.  You won’t start loving your body overnight, and you won’t start making all the right choices by it overnight, but it will happen if you give yourself enough time to make it happen and if you work at it consistently.

So that’s what it takes to achieve weight loss success.


Dr. Mayra Alfonso

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Dr. Mayra Alfonso

Your Fitness Physician, Body Transformation Expert, Weight Loss Motivation Specialist, medical doctor, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist

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