How can Neuroplasticity help you when trying to lose weight?

What is Neuroplasticity or Brain Plasticity? It is the ability of the brain to change. It was believed that past certain age, after the initial developmental period, the brain would lose its ability to change or regenerate.

In other words, we were destined to keep our old programming and the brain structure that our genetics and early life experiences have created for us, but science has proved this to be wrong. What science has shown us is that our brain is changeable and that it has an amazing ability to reorganize, create new connections and pathways and at times even create new neurons over our lifetime.

These changes occur as a response to your lifestyle, your experience, your environment and your physiology. So, in other words, the brain adapts as it needs to.

Why is Brain Plasticity a big deal for weight loss? Because neuroplasticity shows that you have much more control over your body, mind and brain than you have given yourself credit for. By molding and shaping your brain, you can change your life! You are no longer at the mercy of your genetics or the old neural pathways you have already formed. The brain function is under your control, and that’s great news when it comes to losing weight.

So how can you change your brain? Practices like meditation, EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tapping, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and Neurolinguistic programming have been proven to promote neuroplasticity or brain plasticity.

In my program, I will teach you how to change from the inside-out and finally achieve your dream body and life by removing the negative thinking patterns. I will use the most cutting-edge techniques available like EFT, Neurolinguistic programming, and Meditation.




EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

woman tapping

What is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique and why should you care about it?

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure. Emotional freedom technique is based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture but without the use of needles. Instead of needles, you tap on the energy meridians with your fingertips. By using Emotional Freedom Technique, you maximize your emotional health, reduce your stress levels and remove negative emotions.

Why is EFT important in your overall health and weight loss success? EFT or tapping it’s important because your emotional health is the cornerstone of your physical health and healing. When emotional issues are present in your life, you will not achieve your ideal physical health even when following proper diet and exercise. EFT will restore your emotional and body’s balance, in that way helping you achieve your best health.

EFT can reduce or get rid of your cravings, and can reduce or eliminate emotional overeating,

Some people might be wary of EFT, but I tell you it works! I witnessed its power in my own personal success story. I lost 67lbs using EFT and meditation, and I’ve kept the weight off for more than four years.

My proven program blends cutting-edge neuroscience, the most powerful modalities, and life changing tools known on earth today. These including Emotional Freedom Technique between others discussed in this section, also you will benefit from my extensive experience as a physician and as a transformation expert.







Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention inwards. Meditation is another way in which the brain structures change as a result of daily life’s stimulus and our experiences. These changes are both functional and structural. This is called Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity.

In other words, meditation transforms the mind.

The practice of meditation not only can lower high blood pressure but also helps to manage stress.

Meditation has been associated with larger gray matter in the frontal area of the brain. This area is associated with the regulation of emotions and response control. The result is that meditation helps you become more aware of how you think and how you react, including your thoughts and actions toward food. In that way, meditation can help controlling emotional and binge eating.




Mind Movies

Mind movie

Mind movies is a visualization tool that uses affirmations and images of what you want to obtain in your life. Typically, they are a short two-to-three-minute video. Mind movies are the modern alternative to old visualization tool in this fast-paced world.

Mind movies are considered to be a powerful way to manifest what you want through visualization. They are also used as a meditation tool.

It has been advocated that by picturing things happening they will materialize. According to research, the reticular activating system or RAS part of the brain responds to the things you focus on, either positive or negative, and this is what you will experience.

Therefore, by watching mind movies related to health, weight loss and getting a fit body, mind movies will help you achieve success.