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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How would you describe Total Body Transformation?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    This program is about helping you achieve not only your weight loss goal, your ideal body and your ideal health, but also to transform your life to make the next days and years your best yet.

  • Who is this program for?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Although I can help men and women achieve their weight loss goals, I’ve decided to focus my attention on the population that I know and understand best, and that's women.  I work with professional and busy women from 30 to 60 years of age, who might or might not be suffering from medical problems associated with their excess weight and who want to become healthier and fit.  Because of my background, I feel very comfortable mentoring women that are suffering from medical problems.


    My customers are throughout big cities and small towns around the world, but mostly located in the US, Canada and Europe.


    These women all have in common a desire to have a better life, feel better about themselves and get fit and healthier.

  • What do we discuss each week?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Each week we discuss one of the 12 modules.


    • Week 1:  Stop Self-Sabotage
    • Week 2:  Say Bye to your Cravings Once and For All
    • Week 3:  Your Deepest Why and How To Use It For Your Advantage
    • Week 4:  End Emotional Eating
    • Week 5:  Become Naturally Slim
    • Week 6:  Keep Your Motivation Going
    • Week 7:  Increase Your Self Confidence
    • Week 8:  How to Eliminate Chronic Dieting
    • Week 9:  Supercharge Your Metabolism
    • Week 10:  Create a Harmonious Inner World
    • Week 11:  I’m Too Sexy for My Skirt
    • Week 12:  Use the Power Within and Create Long Lasting Results

    You can also read a detailed description of what the program entails.

  • What’s your coaching style?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    I have a direct, straightforward, no-nonsense coaching style.  I’m empathetic but I’m also here to help you get to your goal.  I’ll encourage you, but I will not babysit you.  This is your life we are talking about.


    I will ask powerful and insightful questions, and at times you will have to go deep into your own self.  And even when we might need to go into some of your live past events, we are not going to stay stuck there.


    I’m here to help you remove the barriers and self-sabotage that have been preventing you from achieving your weight and health goal.

  • Is group mentoring part of the program?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Yes! If you sign up for my advanced mentoring program you will be able to participate in weekly group calls where I'll go over the week module and answer questions.  We can discuss challenges, road blocks or concerns you have or your achievements if you chose.

  • What happens during the life weekly Q&A calls?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    They will be focused on the module of the week. Will answer all your questions and concerns around the particular module and any challenges that you might be confronting. If you can’t be present for the call you can email us your question and we will answer it on the call.  Calls will be recorded and archived so you can listen to them in the future.

  • Is this a group program?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Yes, if you sign up for the advanced mentoring program you will have direct weekly access to me during the life Q&A sessions, and you will also have direct, personalized email access to me for the 12 weeks.

  • What I share with you during the program does it remain confidential?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Absolutely!  I treat every single one of my clients with the up-most respect and your information will never be shared or divulged to anyone.

  • How do I know if I’m a good fit for the program?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    If you are ready to stop just surviving and start living, if you’re ready to invest in yourself and start feeling better about your weight and your life, and if you are tired of suffering due to your excess weight, then this program is for you.


    Remember, the next 30 days will come before you know it.  And it can either be one month towards your ideal weight loss target, or you can continue to struggle and keep trying to figure it out all by yourself.

  • Once I complete the 12 weeks program will I continue to have access to the program?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Yes!  You will have full access to Your Fitness Physician membership website, where you can revisit past modules, and download content and bonuses.  In addition you will have lifetime access and unbelievable support through our private online community support group.

  • What’s my investment?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Your investment for the basic Total Body Transformation 12-week program with lifetime access to the private online community support group is $1,999 if paid in full (a saving of over $400), or 3 monthly payments of $800.

    For the updated Total Body Transformation 12-week program, the cost is $3999.00, or 3 monthly payments of $1500.00.   You will not only have lifetime access to the private online community support group, but you will also be able to participate in the life weekly Q&A phone sessions where I will personally address all your questions, and you will also have direct access to me via email for the 12 weeks.


    I want you to be aware of something, this program has the potential of changing your life and it's priced accordingly.  This coaching program is not cheap because I value you, value the service I deliver and the knowledge I have acquired over the years as a medical doctor and as an ex-fat woman. And I will be sharing with you all that knowledge.  I know that when you chose to take the step to invest in yourself, you will get the best results.


    My program is not a quick fix.  I'm committed to your success and much as you are, and I want to get you there.


  • Do you offer any bonuses?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Yes, indeed!

    You will get:

    • Video: Introduction to EFT/Tapping.
    • Learn the basics of tapping and how to properly use the technique.  Remove obstacles to the EFT/Tapping process.
    • Audio program and written module on how to rescue your time.
    • Food diary to help you keep track of what you eat.
    • A recipe book with simple healthy meal ideas so you don't have to think about "what to make for dinner today."
    • Simple to follow nutritional program developed by my own nutritionist to help you eat healthier.
    • Lifetime access to the membership site after your 12 weeks are completed so you can access the material as often as you need to.
  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Absolutely!  I’m confident you will find Total Body Transformation to be a life-transforming experience.


    We guarantee that you will Lose At Least 40lbs in 12 Months or Your Money Back, (that is if you have more than 40lbs to lose).  If you have less than 40lbs to lose we guarantee that you will achieve your target weight in 12 Months or Your Money Back.


    Mind blowing 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you complete the program in full…followed the plan that I’m going to be working with you on and if you still haven’t LOST at least 30 lbs or achieve your target weight (whichever comes first) in the next 12 Months… Just let us know you followed the plan and we’ll gladly refund your money.

  • What payments methods do you accept?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    You may pay using Master Card, Discover or Visa, or your PayPal account.

  • I’m ready! How do I get started?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    Great!  If you’re ready to get started, click Here to sign up.


    Once I receive notification of your enrollment, I’ll send you a welcome email to get you started on the right path.  The email will include information on how to access the membership site and our private online community support group.


    In the membership site, you will have access to your first week of material, and your bonuses.  The material will be available for you on a weekly basis.

  • If I’m not ready to get started yet, how else can I keep in touch with you?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to stay in touch by joining my community and subscribing to my newsletter.  When you join my community you get ideas, motivation, inspiration, and insight for achieving your weight loss, getting fit and healthier and living your best life.


    You can also connect with me via Facebook.

  • What if I still have questions that you didn’t address here?

    Dr. Mayra Alfonso20-07-2015

    If you still have questions about Total Body Transformation, please email me at mayra@yourfitnessphysician.com