Exercise for busy woman

Exercise for Busy Women

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Fitting ANY exercise into your busy schedule may seem impossible. Between family, work, and social plans free time doesn’t exist in your day.

Instead of large time commitments I will give you the guidance you need to incorporate exercise into your life, at YOUR pace.



exercising with pain

Exercise for Women With Arthritis

Exercising with arthritis can be very painful. You may have avoided exercise in the past or even started a program to discover that the pain is unbearable. Movement of the joints is a necessary step to prevent arthritis from worsening.

As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor, I understand the challenge of keeping arthritic joints healthy. With this understanding I am able to help you start an exercise program to improve your mobility while managing the painful task of exercising with arthritis.



woman with asthmaExercise for Women with Asthma

Experiencing asthma symptoms; coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath during exercise can be incredibly discouraging. It’s hard to focus on your movements while you can’t breathe. What is especially frustrating is that women with asthma can have these symptoms even after they stop exercising.

Even though this sounds like an impossible situation physical activity is helpful for women with asthma. Choosing the right exercise is key so you need to make sure that your asthma symptoms are under control.






diabetesExercise for Women with Diabetes

Exercise can be a powerful tool for managing diabetes. Many diabetic women have struggled with weight gain. Remaining sedentary increases the risk of more weight gain and further complication of symptoms. Physical activity not only helps with maintaining a healthy weight but can greatly reduce or eliminate hypoglycemia and the need for insulin.

Not only you need to choose the right exercises for your starting point but you also need to know how to monitor the effect exercise has on your sugar levels.



exercising knee pain

Exercise for Women with Joint Pain

Women suffering from joint pain know the frustrations of physical exercise. Not only is it difficult to keep moving during pain, more than just “soreness” comes with each session. Whether you experience pain in your lower back, knees, neck, or back the right exercises will benefit your overall health.

As a Doctor I understand that it is important to keep joints moving. You need guidance through the exercises by choosing which are appropriate for you.




obese woman exercising

Exercise for Women with Obesity

Weight loss is life changing and though you may be eager to see results exercise while obese is difficult. Moving around is not easy and you may find yourself out of breathe during movement. Add to the experience that the gym can feel like an unfriendly and intimidating place and the task seems impossible.

I know the struggle to exercises while being obese. I’ve experienced them. That is why in the beginning of my program NO exercise is necessary. Once you’ve made progress we add physical activity and build from there, all at your pace.