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Dr. Mayra Alfonso

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, for watching my videos and reading my posts.

My name is Dr. Mayra Alfonso, “Your Fitness Physician”.
I’m a medical doctor living in Florida U.S., a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist. I practiced Medicine for over 20 years after which I finally decided to walk away from working at it full time, and I went in search of a higher calling.

I remember that since I was a little girl I wanted to be “someone” in life. I wanted to create a difference in people’s lives. Over the years, I figured that becoming a doctor would give me the opportunity to help others, and it did, but at a very high price.

Associated with the satisfaction of being a doctor came tons of body weight due to the high stress and demands of my career, and more importantly from having a deep dissatisfaction with my whole life.

By the end of 2013 I let go of my full-time job, went part-time, and put all my effort on my weight loss coaching for women.

The reason why I took that huge step, in spite of many telling me that I was insane for doing so, was because even when I enjoyed helping others as a doctor, I realized that there was more for me to do than to take care of ill people. I wanted to have a bigger impact on people’s life, especially women, and I wanted to be able to prevent illnesses, not just treat them when it was too late.

It’s been an amazing ride, and I have not looked back since. I love what I do!

Come by often, and visit my blog.  I have tons of valuable information and insights to share with you to help you on your weight loss path.

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Lynette Conat, MALynette Conat, MA
“Mayra Alfonso is a gifted physician who combines her rigorous baseline of medical knowledge with a deep intuitive wisdom of the interplay of the body with mind, giving her a unique ability to direct stable, long-lasting results to difficult health situations.  She is tenacious, brilliant, and remarkably courageous in her quest for wellness and health on all levels.  I have watched her conquer what many would consider insurmountable odds to transform herself and her life into the one of her dreams.  She does not take no for an answer and regardless of how difficult a situation, she finds a way ...
Jennie Yates, DCJennie Yates, DC
“Dr. Alfonso is one of the most intelligent, determined people out there.  I have seen her follow her dreams to the fullest, demonstrating great courage that few possess.  Her remarkable resilience, intuition and enlightenment are inspiring.”
Nordeli Estronza, MDNordeli Estronza, MD
"I've personally known Mayra for many years.  I've witnessed her dedication to the success and positive outcomes of her clients.  I met Mayra when we were in Medical School and when she was very thin at 115 pounds.  Over the years, I saw how she gained weight and how she struggled for years trying to lose it.  Mayra is results oriented and makes things happen, and because of that I would recommend her coaching program to anybody."


The Five Pillars To A Healthy You


Step-by-Step Weight Loss Blueprint

One of the biggest obstacles that we as women confront when it comes to losing weight is not knowing exactly what steps to take and when to take them.

Should you be exercising more and eating less?  What type of exercise should you be doing?  For how long should you exercise? How much is too much exercise?  Should you exercise at the gym or at home?  If you exercise too much will you look like a man?

What should you eat to lose the weight?  Should you eat carbohydrates at nights?  Should you eat a high protein diet?  How about the latest “lose weight fast” diet?

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Personalized Coaching

One critical step missing during the initial years of my weight loss path was not having anyone there to make me accountable.

It’s hard to stick to a weight loss plan without anyone to support you or to set you on the right path when you get derailed. Because I know how complicated this can be, I offer personalized coaching sessions to my clients. These will be times where you can feel at ease and find answers to all your questions about your weight loss struggle.

And, if you should get derailed from your diet, you will find all the support you need to get back on the saddle.

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Proper Mindset

Successful weight loss is mostly about shifting your mindset, and developing the proper mindset.  It’s about releasing your negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones.

When you change from the inside-out you will achieve your dream body and the life you want.  By becoming aware of what is sabotaging you, you will easily remove the negative thinking patterns that have you trapped in your body, and as a result you will lose weight and achieve a healthy, fit body.

Total Body Transformation is your most downright comprehensive and cutting-edge mindset, motivation and personal development program for lasting and holistic weight loss.

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Exercise is not the most important part of weight loss. However, increasing physical activity is recommended so you can reach your goals. I know how hard it can be to take the first steps with an exercise routine. We will work together to choose the best exercises while creating your personalized plan while considering where you are starting and what works best for your busy schedule.

With all the exercise types and plans just choosing which to do can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve never enjoyed an exercise session in your life or have a few in mind you think would be fun, starting and maintaining regular movement is essential.

The exercise program will include easy to follow videos with instructions. These move you from your exact starting point through more advanced exercises; you set the pace.

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Healthy Eating

Just the mention of the word “diet” brings up negative feelings in many who’ve struggled with weight loss. Feelings of deprivation, anxiety, and fear of failure are common. Instead of focusing on starting a restrictive meal plan imagine your eating habits changing as a natural part of your progress. Losing weight does not require a strict diet plan. In fact improving your emotional relationship with food and changing your mindset is so powerful that you can lose weight eating well only 80% of the time.

The difference between people who achieve long-term weight loss and those that fail at fad diets over and over is mindset. That is why the primary focus in my program is to guide and motivate you to improve your overall mental health. Along with the power of your mind and motivation to change I can help you select the best eating plan for you.  I have a healthy eating plan created by my dietitian that you can use as a tool on your journey if choose to.

A healthy diet should include all three macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

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